Our Pickleball Services

As the greater Michiana area's first professionally certified pickleball instructors, Todd and Don offer a full range of instruction choices to help you enjoy the game of pickleball. For those who want to raise the level of their game, we offer private and group drill sessions. We also offer a variety of clinics, programs, and competitive events to help you improve your game. For those who may be learning the game or enjoy the game more socially, we offer team-building events tailored to your group. Whether you enjoy the game competitively, socially, or both, we have an offering for you.

Private Instruction and Group Drill Sessions
  • 1-on-1 Private Lesson | $40 / Hr.

  • 2 Students | $50 / Hr. ($25 each)

  • 3 Students | $60 / Hr. ($20 each)

  • 4 Students | $70 / Hr. ($17.50 each)

  • 2-hr. Drill Sessions 8 - 16 Students | $10 ea.

H2P Academy

H2P Academy offers a comprehensive instruction program that includes online videos, hands-on intensive on-the-court instruction, instructor-led drills sessions to help you master the skills taught, and an assessment that leads to certification at a particular level when passed.

Team Building Events
( Contact Todd@h2pickleball.com )

Team building events have become one of our most popular offerings. We have conducted them with the ND Investments Office, the ND University Relations Division, and the ND Finance Division. These events have ranged from 14 participants to over 100 participants. If you are looking for a future team building event, think pickleball.

Competitive Events
(TMPR Games - Tournament of Drills)
Looking to the Future
Kids Pickleball Programs
Demo Paddles (TMPR Paddles) - No Charge

TMPR Games combines the elements of a drill clinic with a tournament. Players compete not only in full pickleball games, but also in games structured around components of the game utilizing skills such as "dinking", "drop shots", etc.

Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners of our sixth TMPR Games in Vandalia, MI on 8/19/2023.

ND Finance Division team building event on 8/18/202311

Advance Shots Clinics

The game of pickleball continues to evolve rapidly. At this clinic, participants learn advanced shots such as Ernes, ATPs, ATP blocks, aggro-dinking, resets, misdirection, lobs, lob retrievals, the scorpion, etc.

In the second hour, we have one instructor play with 3 participants to provide real-time feedback in a game setting.

Click HERE to go to h2pacademy.com

Based on the success of our adult pickleball events, we are exploring the development of pickleball programming for kids. If you know of a local group of kids that you think might be interested, please let us know and we can tailor some programs that can meet their needs.