Let us improve your game...

Knowing most people want to
PLAY GAMES rather than DRILL...

...we have developed GAMES within DRILLS making game improvement fun, and the escalation of your game INEVITABLE!

Want to know more about how we can improve your game?

At H2 Pickleball, we offer a comprehensive set of services to help you improve your game. Our instruction focuses on fundamentals, strategy, and the mental aspects of pickleball. We educate on pickleball paddle selection and conduct paddle fittings so that your paddle best suits your game. We are in the process of becoming certified rating specialists so that we can confidently assign you a pickleball rating. Most importantly, we offer these services in an enjoyable and engaging way, so you get better while having fun.

What our clients say

Mark and Debbie George
Elkhart County Pickleball
” The combined skill set Todd and Don have elevates the experience for players involved in their clinics and lessons. They engage players with their innovative approach to drills.” 

Uyen Dugle
Don is patient, a great listener, and a caring instructor. He has a gift for teaching and genuinely wants me do well. I have had several lessons with Don and really like his teaching style. Because he is a great listener, he can translate what I want to work on and break it down at a level that I can understand and learn. I’ll be coming back for more lessons!!

Bethany Brown
" I have driven through a snowstorm to go get my Todd Hill lesson fix. He is able to pinpoint the source of my struggle without getting me overwhelmed. His teaching style is upbeat and passionate. He keeps it fun while he addresses not only technique and strategy, but also the mental game. My confidence builds from lesson to lesson."